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We’re in those latter stages of your World of Warcraft expansion where mount farming is amongst the better ways to invest your time.

If you consider yourself unlucky, much like me, then it’s probably best to not bother with seeking to obtain a few of these mounts. Only one in this particular list is guaranteed, but has a lot of work; whilst are only obtainable through by sheer luck. Don’t forget the Buy Warmane Gold definition of the best rare mounts is subjective and you will hate all seven of such mounts – that might be a feat though, so congratulations for that.

We made sure never to include mounts which can be no longer obtainable. These seven World of Warcraft mounts also aren’t in every particular order, so let’s not waste anymore time and crack on.

Of Draenor’s world bosses, only 1 drops a mount, Rukhmar. The mount she drops could be the fiery Solar Spirehawk. The Spirehawk is one kind of WoW’s standard 0.1% drop chance mounts. Thankfully, farming her can be achieved solo using a level 110 easily, but she will only be looted weekly per character, and understanding that soul-crushingly low drop chance it could possibly mean more than a thousands of attempts before getting the Solar Spirehawk mount.

Rukhmar can be obtained from the Spires of Arak hovering the south westerly shores. If she’s not there, don’t panic; she has only a 10-15 minute time between respawns. For a more exact location on her behalf, the coordinates to be with Outland Gold her spawn point are 37,38.5. You’ll need to find somewhere to aggro her from though as she flies up high – there’s a bridge nearby this is a favoured destination for a fight her.