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Shanghai SIPG football club director Mads Davidsen takes notes during an buy Maplestory Mesos interview in Shanghai, on August 7, 2017"It's all part of the big plan. Chinese football said, 'How can we improve the league fast? OK, get in good foreign players who can promote the league, good foreign coaches who will lift the current local players and then we are rolling'.

That's what's happened the last three years."Everything in this plan is about improving the national team. I work for Shanghai SIPG, but where is SIPG in this project? Of course to promote our club and business, but also to help the president improve the national team."Contrary to the perceptions of some, Davidsen said Chinese players have good basic technique -- better even than Europeans in some cases.

They also have the right attitude and work-rate, he said, and respect for authority in China means they adhere to instructions from coaches.And Chinese have another, innate quality."

I've never had more fast players. And where's football going? It's getting faster so it's crucial to have pace, it's a huge advantage," said Davidsen, whose role includes overseeing SIPG's development of 10,000 players aged five to 13 at academies across China.So why has China failed to develop even one world-class footballer?"It all comes down to the coaches and the environment around Jobs them," said Davidsen, who played in Denmark's third tier and by 29 was on the staff at leading Danish club Brondby, before moving to China in 2012."