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We danced the eight-character rope together on Monday.e students came to the venue and were divided into four teams, two teams for men and women, and I and Liu Na, Wang Tingting and Li Ningningparation -" only listened to the teacher shouting. The attention of the students has shifted to the long rope, and they are all ready to go.rst athlete in our class got into the rocking rope. This was a good beginning. The athletes all entered the game. They were like a dislocated horse and a string of arrows. At this time, an athlete took the reins, but because this is a common thing, everyone did not care. But then it was another mistake. Although the speed was very fast, the last athlete and the next athlete could not even connect. Therefore, after the end of this round of competition, we found that the number of jumps is not too much Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping.Tingting, very anxious. Under their dedicated and conscientious guidance, the students will finally jump. I jumped to the right and jumped to the right. I couldn��t jump, and I always became a "net fish." when I was downcast and didn't want to jump, there was a voice behind it: "One Wholesale Cigarettes, two, three, jump", I thought, the students must want to give me a hand, I have the courage to wait for them to say when jumping I rushed forward and used my whole body to jump to the heights. This time I succeeded Marlboro Cigarettes Online, really successful, really, really!en it was my turn to jump, my heart was not afraid, but full of joy. I counted it in my heart: one, two, three, jumping, jumping, this word made me full of courage, this time I jumped over again. In this way, I jumped again and again, although I was hooked by the rope several times, but this will not affect me.r soles are like two springs that jump, fall, jump, and fall... lightly like a clever deer Marlboro Lights. We are like a small fish, the rope is like our "partner", it plays with us, like the net fish, it always nets one or two small fish that don't know how to go home. We also dance like a bee in a cluster ofhave been playing until class Parliament Cigarettes, and we have reluctantly left our "partners."

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By ylq
Added Jul 11


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