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Fortunately, an increasing number of rice mills are turning to innovative rice polishing technology to deliver new standards,use Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG),improve quality, enhance food safety and deliver the degree of whiteness and silkiness that consumers demand.

Polished rice has benefits for food producers and retailers too. It improves the appearance of the grain, making it more visually appealing at the point of sale, meaning it can command a higher price. It also removes traces of bran left after the whitening process. This is particularly important, as glycerides in the bran turn rancid when exposed to oxygen. If they are not removed, they reduce the shelf life and eventually result in a product that is unfit for consumption.

However, the demand for high-gloss, transparent-looking rice in some parts of the world has been so high that unsafe, unapproved methods have been used to give the desired result. For instance, glazing the rice with non-food-safe additives, such as oil or talcum powder.

Prior to the advent of modern polishers, several simpler methods were used including pounding the rice using a pestle and mortar, rubbing it on the floor, beating gently with clubs in jute bags and treading by humans and animals.

These makeshift means, often carried out in poor hygiene conditions, not only required significant time and energy, but usually resulted in a poorly-finished and significantly damaged rice, with high levels of wastage.

The first commercial rice polisher is widely believed to have been patented by the British engineer Sampson Moore. The inventor, a prominent engineer during the British Industrial Revolution, was credited in the London Gazette for his invention on June 21st 1861, for “improvements in the machinery or apparatus for dressing and polishing rice”.Since those early days, a range of machines have improved the efficiency and quality of milled, polished rice.

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